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Elad's Plan to Support Small Business

Small businesses are the economic engines of Missouri. They provide enormous employment and economic benefits to our state, but they regularly rate Missouri government as providing poor services. While our politicians are busy providing breaks for big corporate donors, we need a statewide strategy to attract small businesses to our state. As Attorney General, I will:

1. Make compliance easier for small businesses. Many small business owners want to do the right thing but don't know how to navigate the legal and regulatory environment in Missouri. Our Office will maintain a Small Business Resource Center to explain changes in the law that businesses need to be aware of.


2. Protect small businesses from scams. Scammers target small businesses in a variety of ways, including via telemarketing scams, IT breaches, and fake check scams. We will go after scammers of all types to deter crooks from exploiting Missourians.

3. Support American manufacturing. Domestic manufacturing provides good paying jobs, improves our economy, and is essential for our national security. Our office will set an example for our state government by procuring supplies and services from domestic companies.

4. Enforce consumer protections, labor laws, and antitrust regulations. Small businesses struggle to compete against corporations that cut corners. We will enforce the law to prevent anticompetitive practices and ensure an equal playing field in our economy.

5. Provide preventive training and education for employers. We will provide regular training for small businesses to comply with Missouri law and avoid enforcement actions, improving outcomes for owners, employees, and customers.

6. Launch the Missouri Attorney General App. Our phone app will streamline resources for small business in Missouri, saving time and money for small business owners.

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