team members

Jessica Lambrecht - Campaign Manager

Jess is a graduate of Maryville University with a Bachelors in Rehabilitation Services and Washington University in St. Louis where she received her Masters of Social Work with a focus in social and economic development. Jess has spent the last 11 years in direct social service work in a variety of fields including mental health, reproductive health, criminal justice, positive youth development, and higher education access. Jess wants to see people better served by their institutions and community organizations. ​


Jess started running campaigns and consulting in the 2014 cycle. She has consulted and worked on races for multiple seats in the House of Representatives and municipal level elections, with five wins. She has facilitated advocacy and campaign management trainings for youth and adults across Missouri for MOKANE, The Scholarship Foundation of St. Louis, New Leaders Council-St. Louis, and various high schools and colleges.

Jess and Elad met in 2014 at Washington University. For the last several years, they've worked together to serve our state's children and ensure that every Missourian can participate in our government.



Alicia Smith - Treasurer

Alicia worked with Elad at the Missouri Attorney General's Office where they became good friends, and it's why Alicia jumped at the chance to be the Treasurer on this campaign. Alicia served as a legal secretary in the Labor Division under the Koster and Hawley administrations. Alicia holds a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and currently works as a Human Resources Coordinator in higher education.


Alicia lives in Jefferson County with her husband, a sheetmetal worker, and her wonderful daughter. They're expecting another child this year! Alicia believes Missouri can do so much better, and she's excited to help get Elad elected to be our next Attorney General.



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Fredrick Doss - Communications Manager


Freddy currently serves as the Public Information Officer for the City of Kirkwood, a job he accepted after 5 years in the Missouri House of Representatives. He moonlights as a consultant with expertise in campaign management, public relations and legislative advocacy. He is currently consulting on Elad's campaign for Missouri Attorney General as Communications & Payroll Manager. He has consulted on 7 successful campaigns in Missouri and 1 in Washington, D.C.


Freddy received his Bachelor's Degree in Political Science from Missouri State University and holds a Masters Degree in Public Relations from Webster University. He has facilitated advocacy and campaign management training for The Brown School at Washington University in St. Louis, The Wyman Center and The Scholarship Foundation, and New Leaders Council - St. Louis. Freddy also serves on the Boards of the Missouri Courage Scholarship and the Missouri State Black Alumni Council. He is running for DNC Committeeman to represent Missouri on the Democratic National Committee. 

Freddy and Elad met while Freddy worked in Missouri's legislature. He volunteered for a day at the summer leadership program Elad runs in the Hyde Park neighborhood, quickly created international alliances between countries run by the middle schoolers and the upper elementary school students, and forever earned Elad's respect.


Dani Revord - Community Engagement Manager

Dani began volunteering on campaigns at the age of 5. A lifelong Democrat, Dani has consulted on a US Senate campaign and worked for the Kansas Democratic Party as a Field Organizer and later as a Paid Canvass Director in Kansas Congressional District 2. She’s most excited about empowering people who are generally removed from participating in the political process to take back the system.


Dani is a 2012 graduate of Michigan Technological University in Houghton where she studied marketing. In her spare time, Dani bartends in Kansas City and is starting her own nonprofit organization focused on building racial equity through food security. She enjoys basketball, spending time with her dogs, justice, and going to the gym. #People>Profit




James Shelby - Real Justice Manager

James is an advocate for real justice reform, equitable housing, and civic engagement. Most recently, James worked with KC Tenants, an organization that successfully pushed for reforms in Kansas City. 


James’s experience in the criminal justice system drives his passion for change. James was previously incarcerated in Missouri. While in prison, James developed curriculum for a variety of initiatives, including Hug Yo’ Hood, an effort that he runs today. James has chosen to dedicate his life to service and he wants to make the most of every minute; you'll rarely see him not working. James believes an accessible Attorney General can make necessary changes to the criminal justice system, protect our civil rights, and reduce the violence affecting far too many of our neighborhoods.


Daniel Williams - Volunteer Manager

Growing up in a small farming town, Daniel is particularly passionate about issues impacting rural America and wants to work to ensure that rural voters become and remain an important part of the political process. Daniel volunteered and canvassed for elections growing up in Illinois and for Trish Gunby's election in Missouri's 99th district, as well as gathering signatures for Medicaid Expansion in Missouri.


Daniel is currently studying for his Master's Degree in Social Work at the Brown School at Washington University in St. Louis. Outside of politics and rural America, some of Daniel's other passions include musical theater and soccer.




Darlisa Harrison - Logistics Manager

Darlisa is passionate about mental health advocacy and helping more Missourians access the services they need. She started working with Jess while a teenager through the Wyman Center, and she met Elad while he was teaching students several years ago.


Darlisa is 21 years old and is a graduate of Hazelwood West High School. After high school, she attended the University of Central Missouri. Darlisa is excited about the campaign because of Elad's focus on upholding the standards, ethics, and integrity we want in our elected leaders. She is ready to show the world that you can run a campaign the right way without accepting dark money.



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