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Elad's Plan to Protect reproductive rights

Missouri has one of the most extreme abortion bans in the country. Children who are raped or are the victims of incest must carry their pregnancies to term, even if they do not want to. While Missourians can travel to other states for abortion care - an option available to those who can afford it - some legislators have proposed more extensive travel bans and tasking law enforcement officers with interrogating anyone who may have become pregnant while in Missouri. All this while Missouri has some of the worst maternal mortality statistics in the country.

Missouri's Attorney General is given the authority to prosecute medical professionals and potentially some women who self-manage their abortions, and our current Attorney General is seeking the authority to track women who cross state lines for treatment. This Big Government expansion threatens every Missourians' privacy and right to make health care choices. As Attorney General, I will:

1. Start Missouri's first ever Civil Rights Division. The Civil Rights Division will check government power, protect our privacy, and secure your ability to keep family decisions within your family.


2. Prosecute actual criminals. I take your taxpayer money very seriously. As Attorney General, I will prioritize going after actual criminals, not doctors providing health care to their patients.

3. Sue scammers. Several businesses take advantage of Missourians by pretending to have medical professionals on staff and providing misinformation to their visitors. I will stop scammers from exploiting Missourians. Your family deserves transparency and to have accurate information when making health care decisions.

4. Improve maternal health care. Missouri's expecting mothers shouldn't face more dangers during their pregnancies than residents of other states. We need a statewide effort to reduce maternal mortality. As Attorney General, I will work with our government agencies to investigate the practices leading to worse results in Missouri, take legal action to protect Missouri families, and dedicate resources to making our health care system work better for all of us.

5. Protect our right to access the ballot. Politicians running our state are trying to prevent Missourians from voting on whether or not to overturn our state's abortion ban. Their primary target is the initiative petition process, which allows Missourians to put issues we care about on the ballot. Our current Attorney General has abused his power by illegally delaying the certification of initiative petitions and had to be ordered by the Missouri Supreme Court to do his job. His actions threatened not only our right to vote on Missouri's abortion ban, but on any issue we would want on the ballot. As Attorney General, I will protect your right to vote, and I will not stop your voice from being heard, even if we disagree. This is our home, and we all deserve a say in what happens here.

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