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Elad's Plan to

Farming is a critical part of Missouri's economy, our food supply, and Americans' health. Much of Missouri policy for the last many years has supported consolidation of factory farms and provided benefits for huge corporations, including those owned by foreign entities, that donate a lot of campaign cash to politicians. We need policies that help family farms, prevent anti-competitive monopolization of farming, and preserve our state's resources. As Attorney General, I will:

1. Enforce the prohibition on foreign ownership of Missouri farmland. The Attorney General is responsible for enforcing our foreign ownership restrictions of farmland in our state. As Attorney General, I won't let large international corporations break the law and get away with it.


2. Restart Missouri's Conservation Division. Irresponsible farmers try to cut costs by polluting our land and water, hurting our state and making it much harder for farmers doing the right thing to compete. I will bring back a Conservation Division that will go after polluters.

3. Prosecute scammers. Farmers are often the targets of scammers, especially during droughts and natural disasters. Our Consumer Protection Division will defend Missourians from crooks, and we will deploy emergency resources during disasters to prevent scammers from taking advantage of desperate families. Our phone app will serve as an early warning mechanism to prevent scammers from doing widespread damage.

4. Bust the trusts. Corporate consolidation has increased monopoly power and anti-competitive behavior within our agricultural system. Concentrated power, proprietary restrictions on crops, and decreased profits are making it impossible for so many smaller family farms to compete. I will enforce Missouri's antitrust laws to stop predatory anti-competitive practices.

5. Support Right to Repair. The right to repair equipment that you buy is extremely important for farmers. When big companies restrict customers' ability to repair their own equipment, farmers have less control over their costs and production, and rural communities are denied economic opportunities to develop local repair businesses. As Attorney General, I will support Missourians' right to repair.

6. Actively advocate for Missouri in the federal Farm Bill. The Farm Bill has a huge impact on agricultural decisionmaking. As your Attorney General, I will be your advocate, and I will personally be involved in pushing Missouri's interests in DC.

7. Support sustainable agriculture and ways to get more Missouri-grown products to Missourians. We need legislative policies to help get more locally produced food to Missourians, especially in food deserts. I will work with our state's legislators to support sustainable farming and feed more communities in need.

8. Stop the exploitation of rural Missouri. Today, there is less opportunity in rural areas of our state. Young people are leaving and not coming back. Hospitals are closing. Our roads are in terrible shape. Our schools are now chronically defunded. But every year, politicians pretend to care about rural Missouri while voting in lockstep with their big donors who profit off of our state's demise. As Attorney General, I will go after vulture capitalists taking advantage of our state, and I will work with our state Auditor to ensure our taxpayer money is spent the right way. Missouri will no longer be for sale, and I will advocate for investment in the most neglected areas of our state. We will leave no one behind, and we'll have an Attorney General who is here for us.

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