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Elad's Plan to Sue Scammers

One of the Attorney General's primary jobs is supposed to be fighting scammers. As Attorney General, I will:

1. Aggressively go after scammers. For too long, Missouri's Attorney General hasn't done enough about scam calls, scammers targeting seniors, and fraudsters taking advantage of desperate Missourians. We will prioritize consumer protection within our office.

2. We will enforce the Do Not Call List. We will seek maximum civil penalties for telemarketers who violate the law. It's past time for us to take back our phones.

3. Pursue scams in housing. One of the biggest crises facing Missouri is the lack of affordable, safe housing. More and more large, corporate landlords are expanding their footprint into Missouri, exploiting Missouri renters, and then leaving local communities to deal with the consequences of neglect and a lack of affordable housing. Homeowners are also targeted by scam insurance schemes, quick-cash programs, and rent-to-own contracts that lock Missourians into predatory terms. Right before Christmas in 2023, we had a nursing home abruptly shut down, ship out residents without telling families, and refuse to pay workers. For the last three years, I have worked extensively with renters, landlords, homeowners, and our local and state governments on housing issues, and I know firsthand how poor policy and lax enforcement is hurting everyone trying to do the right thing. As Attorney General, I will make sure our Consumer Protection Division goes after housing scammers, and I will start Missouri's first Civil Rights Division to protect Missourians' housing rights and protect our rights on the job.

4. Hold health insurance companies accountable. So many Missourians have been taken advantage of by health insurance companies that charge exorbitant premiums and provide terrible service. Our Consumer Protection Division will work with Missourians to address abuses within our health care system.

5. Enforce the law against scam nursing homes. Nursing home residents are particularly vulnerable to abuse and neglect. As Attorney General, I will take these complaints seriously, prosecute wrongdoers, pursue Medicaid fraudsters, and protect our loved ones receiving nursing care.

6. We will rejoin the national network of Attorneys General to better fight scams. Our previous Attorney General withdrew us from this network for political reasons, hurting our ability to coordinate with law enforcement agencies to protect Missourians. I will always put you and your family above politics.

7. Develop artificial intelligence regulations. AI-generated voices, images, and other content is the next major weapon scammers will deploy. We will work with our state and federal legislature, as well as our state agencies, to develop rules to prevent an increase in fraud.

8. Stop fake charities from exploiting Missourians. Unfortunately, quite a few scammers develop fake charities, including political ones, to launder money, steal from Missourians, and deceive desperate families. We will go after abusive boarding schools, dark money political laundering operations designed to hide their political donors, and organizations misappropriating donors' funds. We will stop fake charities from hurting Americans.

9. Support Right to Repair. When you buy something, you should have the right to repair it. Many manufacturers in the electronics, automotive, farming equipment, and appliance industries make it very difficult or impossible for customers or local shops to repair products. Right to Repair supports small businesses, reduces waste, creates jobs, and combats anticompetitive behavior. I will support Missourians' right to repair as your Attorney General.

10. Hold town halls. Your Attorney General should be your attorney. We need to hear from you. Our office will hold regular town hall events throughout Missouri so we can better serve you.


11. Launch the Missouri Attorney General App. The best way to combat scams is education. Our app will notify Missourians of scams and allow you to report issues right from your phone.

12. Deploy disaster resources. Scammers prey on desperate people, so it's no surprise that they appear whenever disaster strikes. My office will deploy resources to disaster areas to help communities rebuild and to prevents scams from taking hold. We will also send out early warnings about scams using our app and collect evidence from Missourians to hold disaster profiteers accountable.

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