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Elad's Plan to Make Health Care Affordable

So many Missourians are just a health care crisis away from going bankrupt. Health insurance is often insufficient and unaffordable. Vulture capital firms are exploiting our communities, purchasing health care facilities, extracting every ounce of profit they can, and then watch as our hospitals fail and our towns are left without health care access. As Attorney General, I will:

1. Hold insurance companies accountable. The last thing anyone wants is to deal with insurance companies trying to avoid paying. As Attorney General, I will enforce Missouri’s consumer protections and hold insurance companies to their end of the bargain. I will fight for increased transparency in the process, easier-to-understand terms, and payments for treatment.


2. Prosecute health care scammers. Many scammers prey on desperate families, including those seeking health care services. Some health care insurance alternatives are pyramid schemes in disguise, and even some health care clinics are scam entities peddling misinformation and medical miracles with no basis in reality. As Attorney General, I will aggressively prosecute individuals and companies exploiting Missourians.

3. Improve access to mental health care and addiction treatment. With opioid litigation settlements and resolutions, we need an Attorney General who will make sure resources are going to mental health care and addiction treatment. We also need improved legislation to support harm reduction efforts in Missouri. I will fight for the best deal Missourians can get, and I won't let the compensation our state receives be misappropriated by government officials.

4. Investigate vulture capitalists buying and exploiting under-resourced hospitals. A few companies prey on vulnerable hospitals, purchase them, and then extract every penny they can before closing up shop and leaving the local community without any access to health care services. Many of these schemes use fraudulent mechanisms to sell false hope to desperate communities and extract even more money from local governments. This exploitation will not be tolerated in Missouri.

5. Enforce antitrust laws. Our economy is growing more and more concentrated. Monopoly power eliminates competition and provides immense power to corporations, especially in health care. As Attorney General, I will enforce antitrust protections to ensure fairness in the health care marketplace.

6. Fight surprise billing. Many Americans get surprise bills after receiving health care treatment, thinking that they were in-network and only later discovering they were not. This is a consumer protection violation and a practice that continues thanks to big hidden dark money spenders in our elections. As Attorney General, I will take on surprise billing and promote transparency in our health care.

7. Increase accountability in our Medicaid system. Missouri's state government wrongly took Medicaid coverage away from tens of thousands of children and continues to remove eligible people from Medicaid. A few years ago, state leaders blamed parents for not fighting hard enough to keep their kids on Medicaid, despite the fact that the state’s call centers were overloaded and the state’s computer system was faulty. When the expert in charge of overseeing the program blew the whistle, he was fired. Our Attorney General was nowhere to be found. As Attorney General, I will investigate and prosecute government corruption. I won’t let our government exploit our children and our most vulnerable families.

8. Prosecute Medicaid fraud. The Attorney General plays a very important role in ensuring doctors and other health care providers are not stealing taxpayer money in the Medicaid system. Most health care workers do great work for the right reasons, but some care more about profits than about us. As Attorney General, I will go after Medicaid fraud. That includes investigating nursing homes and similar care environments that wrong their residents.

9. Enforce Missourians' right to privacy. Large data-mining corporations and our government threaten privacy in our health care system. As Attorney General, I will protect us from both. I will advocate for our legislature to pass greater privacy protections, I will enforce our consumer protection laws against scammers and data-miners, and I will start Missouri’s first Civil Rights Division to protect our constitutional rights to privacy and autonomy in health care decisions.

10. Prevent environmental threats to our health. In several parts of our state, environmental hazards create serious health risks for our families. We are failing to enforce legal requirements against polluters in Missouri. In the last few years, the Attorney General’s Office eliminated the environmental and agricultural division. I will bring back a Conservation Division that will take pollution and contamination seriously.

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