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Elad's Plan to
Bust the Trusts

Corporate consolidation, anticompetitive practices, and predatory behavior threaten our economy and the services we can access in our communities. Corporations have spent so much money in our political system so regulations work for them rather than for us. State Attorneys General play a large role in enforcing antitrust law to prevent corporate abuses. As Attorney General, I will:

1. Enforce antitrust law against corporations illegally rigging our markets. Today, we have few true monopolies exhibiting anticompetitive behavior on their own. Instead, we have highly concentrated marketplaces where a few major players effectively control the entire market. We will monitor corporate coordination for schemes designed to eliminate competition or exploit Missourians, and we will enforce antitrust law.


2. Police price fixing. When corporations control markets, they are able to fix prices, hurting suppliers and consumers. Some companies seek even more control by integrating across industries. We will work with Missourians to investigate claims of pricing fixing and price gouging in our state.

3. Prevent anticompetitive mergers. When large corporations merge to control even more of the market, the resulting larger corporation has more control over pricing and over the quality of the services or product offered, which can result in higher prices, lower value, and even less access for consumers. We will work with federal agencies to identify and prevent illegal mergers that hurt Missourians.

4. Protect Missouri's interest. In addition to protecting Missourians' interests, our Attorney General can protect the state's interest as a purchaser, which protects taxpayer funds.

5. Investigate Big Tech, Big Agriculture, Big Health Care, Big Energy, Big Telecom, Big Retail, and Big Finance. Corporate consolidation in these industries has had major impacts on the American economy and threatens smaller businesses in these fields. Some of this consolidation has been driven by mergers purely designed to eliminate competition. With more consolidation, Missourians need an attorney who will protect our interests and take on major litigation to ensure fairness within our economy, and we need an Attorney General who will enforce our consumer protection laws.

6. Rejoin the national network of Attorneys General to better enforce antitrust law across state boundaries. Our previous Attorneys General withdrew Missouri from the coordinated network for political purposes. As Attorney General, I will work with other states on all of the issues impacting Missouri.

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