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We need a real effort to prosecute corruption in Missouri. Our government is not working for us because far too many of our officials are avoiding real accountability. Our current Attorney General chose to accept campaign donations from illegal gambling machine companies that are suing the state, took his entire office off the case, and is now having taxpayers pay for a private attorney to defend Missouri all so our Attorney General can fund his campaign.

Previous Attorneys General have also accepted campaign donations from the targets of their office's investigations. I've exposed corruption in our government many times, including the use of taxpayer money for political purposes and a total disregard for the office's ethics policy. As Attorney General, I will end these corrupt practices, and I will:

1. Institute a Public Corruption unit at the Office. We need dedicated staff to ensure transparency and accountability in Missouri. This team will work hand-in-hand with our state's first ever Civil Rights Division to prosecute wrongdoing by public officials.

2. Work with the state Auditor to uncover misappropriation of taxpayer resources. The combined efforts of the Auditor and Attorney General can uncover government waste and malfeasance. We need a strong partnership between the offices to make sure your money goes where it's supposed to.

3. Enforce Missouri's Sunshine Law. One of the Attorney General's primary responsibilities is enforcing our open meetings and open records law. You cannot have accountability without transparency. We will launch an open, accessible effort to train all government officials on the requirements of our Sunshine Law. Our Office will also be a leader in transparency by making records readily available to the public instead of creating a massive backlog to prevent you from seeing what your government is doing. Like I've done as a private attorney, I will continue fighting for more transparency in our government, not try to eliminate it like our current Attorney General. We will be the Show Me State again.

4. Stop dark money donors from buying our elections. Dark money consists of campaign donations often laundered through fake charities designed to hide the names of the original sources of the contributions. This practice is illegal under Missouri law. As Attorney General, I will use Missouri's consumer protection and nonprofit corporation laws to prevent dark money organizations from buying our state.

5. Enforce the prohibition of using taxpayer money for political purposes. This is already the law, but you sure wouldn't know it just from watching how our Attorney General uses our tax money. It's time our Attorney General get back to serving you and your family, not the Attorney General's political ambitions and big donors. We will help enforce this law in governments across the state.


6. Install and follow a real ethics policy at the Attorney General's Office. As Attorney General, I will not take donations from targets of my investigations or those seeking government contracts over which the Office holds decision-making authority. We will also implement strong internal whistleblower protections.

7. Develop independent monitoring and enforcement systems within the Attorney General's Office. Missouri's Attorney General holds immense authority. As Attorney General, I will work with our different offices, divisions, and staff to develop strong internal mechanisms to combat conflicts of interest.

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