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Elad's Plan to Protect workers

Far too many employers are taking advantage of Missouri workers, from denying workers access to collective bargaining to misclassifying workers as contractors rather than as employees. As Attorney General, I will:

1. Prohibit illegal misclassification by employers. Some employers purposely classify their workers as independent contractors rather than as employees so the business can avoid paying payroll taxes, worker's compensation, and other benefits. This practice is especially prevalent in the growing gig economy. As Attorney General, I will seek emergency injunctions against employers who purposefully violate workers’ rights.


2. Fully staff Missouri's first Civil Rights Division to prohibit workplace discrimination. We will fully enforce Missouri’s Human Rights Act to prohibit discrimination on the basis of race, national origin, religion, sex along with sexual orientation and identity, disability, and familial status.

3. Enforce Missouri’s labor and consumer protection laws. We will not let cheating employers have an advantage over hardworking Missourians running their businesses the right way. As Attorney General, I will enforce our labor laws, which prohibit misclassification and authorize the Attorney General to protect consumers from scam businesses. Missouri's consumer protections prohibit deceptive business practices. We will go after employers who cut corners on safety and steal promised wages from their employees.

4. Sue employers who do not procure worker's compensation insurance as required by law. Many employers are required to be insured for workplace injuries, but some attempt to cut costs and fly under the radar. As Attorney General, I will enforce the law so workers are not left footing the bill for a workplace injury.

5. Support employees' right to collectively bargain. Collective bargaining provides workers with an important tool to negotiate for fair wages, hours, and benefits, especially with powerful employers. We will work with federal officials to ensure employers do not interfere with workers' rights to unionize.

6. Enforce the prevailing wage law. Workers on public projects are entitled to be paid a prevailing wage. As Attorney General, I will enforce protections for workers on public projects.

7. Combat government efforts to purposely make reporting processes for workers overly burdensome. Unfortunately, some officials in our state government do not support workers and make reporting mechanisms far too difficult on purpose to discourage workers from enforcing their rights under the law. The state has also depleted the Missouri Human Rights Commission, the entity that is supposed to stop employers from discriminating against workers. I will protect workers' rights in our state, even if that means taking on our government.

8. Educate employers about their responsibilities. Many employers want to do the right thing, but especially new and smaller businesses often are unsure about their responsibilities under the law. As Attorney General, I will implement an educational program for Missouri employers to prevent illegal activity and improve our state's economy for everyone involved.

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