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Missouri, USA

Job Type

Full/Part Time



About the Role

We want to help build the next generation of leaders in Missouri. Our internships provide you with immediate responsibility within our campaign and mentorship.

Internship responsibilities include research, organizing, contacting voters, managing volunteers, and designing outreach efforts.

Our internships are paid unless you cannot receive pay in order for you to receive college credit.

Minimum pay $20 per hour.

Benefits includes one hour of paid leave for every 30 hours work.

Good opportunity for those seeking part time work, but we are open to a full time commitment.


  • Strong communication and organization skills.

  • Willingness to learn and take direction.

  • Demonstrated commitment to Missouri.

About Us

Elad Gross is running for Attorney General of Missouri to sue scammers, prosecute corruption, protect our civil liberties, and end puppy mills. Our campaign prides itself on being exceedingly responsive to Missourians and involving as many people as possible in our government.

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