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Donations by check can be made out to:
Elad Gross For Missouri
P.O. Box 21666, St. Louis, MO 63109

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Alicia Smith, Treasurer

Copyright 2019.


"We need an Attorney General

to protect the rights of the people,

not the money of the powerful."

Elad is running for Attorney General of Missouri to prosecute public corruption, bring accountability back to Jefferson City, and end dark money.

Tell us why you want Elad to be our next Attorney General!

We love video and photo submissions! They help us get the word out even more. Consider including: Your name; Where you're from; What you do; Why you're endorsing Elad. Hold the camera horizontally or have a friend record!

I understand that by checking this box and sending in my responses, videos, photographs, or any other media, I am giving my permission for Elad and Elad's team to edit, distribute, and otherwise use my submissions as they see fit. I am also representing that I have the permission of others who appear in any submissions and that my submission does not violate anyone else's copyrights or otherwise violate the law.