I'm Elad Gross.
I am running to be our
next Attorney General.

Here's why.

I am a former Assistant Attorney General of Missouri.


Almost two years ago, I started looking into dark money in Missouri - anonymous big-money political donations designed to buy our state without us knowing who's doing the buying. A dark money organization published the personal cell phone number of a sitting Republican Missouri State Senator to try to silence him.

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I learned that millions of dollars from hidden donors were flowing into our state to buy our government.

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$13 million from Republican Governors Association

$2.8 million from Democratic Governors Association

$2 million+ 
from A New Missouri

$1.9 million from SEALs for Truth

I also learned that dark money is very effective. I went to the IRS. I went to our state's legislature. I went to our state's watchdog groups. I went to our Governor and Attorney General.

But our government won't do its job.
Sunshine Lawsuit
Dark Money Lawsuit

So I sued the government.
And I sued the dark money group too.

Republicans and Democrats called for an investigation. Missourians asked for fair elections.
I sent packets of evidence to our Attorney General in September and again in October.

But our Attorney General won't investigate. 

"Missourians deserve a full accounting of A New Missouri Inc., which I have come to believe was a criminal enterprise from its inception."

Rep. Jay Barnes, Republican, Jefferson City

It's the Attorney General's job to stop these dark money groups pretending to be charities, taking taxpayer subsidies to steal our elections. But we don't have an Attorney General willing to do his job.

Instead, we have one who is bought by dark money.

Our government is broken. Our officials are looking out for their big donors.

But who's looking out for us?

Elad Gross and Ideas

I'm running for Attorney General of Missouri because I think it's time we have a government responsive to us.

We need a chief law enforcement officer who will enforce the law, who won't favor big-money out-of-state donors over the people of our state. We need a government that cares less about a few wealthy people's pet projects and more about hospital closures in rural Missouri, poor kids going to poor schools, and the many folks in our state whose voices have been ignored for far too long.


We need to take back Missouri.

I'm a former Assistant Attorney General of Missouri. I have spent the last four years working with folks all across our state on the issues that matter to them. I have spent the last ten years teaching children in Missouri how to be leaders in their neighborhoods. I have spent my entire life as a proud Missourian who understands that we in the Show-Me State don't stand for pretend public servants.

This isn't a job for one person. It's going to take all of us to fix our state. That's why we're going to run this campaign the right way.
No dark money.
No corporate money. 
Hiring and training Missourians.
Transparency: We will publish our expenditures and our
 donations ourselves.
Community service so we leave our state better than it is today.
This will be a campaign run by the people of our state for the people of our state. We need you in the fight to take back Missouri.
Elad Gross For Missouri