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Donations by check can be made out to:
Elad Gross For Missouri
P.O. Box 21666, St. Louis, MO 63109

Paid for by Elad Gross For Missouri
Alicia Smith, Treasurer

Copyright 2019.


We are committed to being the most transparent campaign in America.

We are the first campaign to publish our budget, invite members of the public to join our advisory boards, and share our campaign expenditures weekly.

Here's our budget:

Elad Gross Campaign Budget

You can see where we're planning to put every dollar we receive in this campaign for Attorney General. I am proud of this budget because it's a reflection of what I value: the people of Missouri.

Voter Outreach

Talking about the Issues

Civic Engagement Trainings

Organize #EladSquad

Pay $15 per hour + Healthcare stipend

I promise I will continue sharing every single receipt from our campaign with you. You deserve to see exactly where your money is going.


I promise to never take a penny of dark money. You will know the names of the people donating to our campaign. 


I promise to never accept donations from corporations. Our government belongs to people, not companies.


I promise to not start a special PAC to get around Missouri's campaign contribution limits. We have repeatedly voted to limit how much money can go to campaigns, and we don't want big money buying our elections.


I promise that we will train Missourians to advocate for our state, and that, when this election is over, Missouri will be better for it.

Each investment from each individual is an act of faith in Missouri’s potential, in the work we can do together.

We can model what good government looks like.

We can make sure our democracy works.

We can send a clear message to those with hidden interests who try to buy our elections, who don't want change, who don't respect our voices: Our state is not for sale.

Will you join us and take back Missouri?

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