We are committed to being the most transparent campaign in America.

We take the donations we receive very seriously. We file extensive financial reports with the Missouri Ethics Commission so you can see exactly where your donation goes, we were the first campaign to release the names of all of our donors, and we do not take dark money, corporate money, or have a PAC designed to hide our donors.

You can see all of our donors on the Missouri Ethics Commission website.

We have the most donors and the most diverse group of donors out of any campaign running for Missouri Attorney General in our state's history. This is a true grassroots campaign.

The Most efficient campaign in Missouri

Missourians know it's time for us to have an anti-corruption Attorney General. We are the most efficient campaign in getting our message out to voters.

Here are our efficiency measures and our goals to reach by the August 4 primary:

Our Attorney General's race

The current Attorney General has been raising a lot of money from very few people, corporations, and unknown sources.

Here's the comparison of our race:

However, in addition to the campaign committee, our Attorney General has a PAC that raises unlimited amounts of money from corporations and individuals. 

Included in these sums is $750,000 from Rex Sinquefield, a St. Louis billionaire who wanted the Attorney General to approve the language of a ballot initiative he was supporting. The Attorney General was also caught trying to hide campaign contributions from Paul McKee, a developer who was under investigation by the Attorney General for stealing over $40 million in tax credits.

I exposed that our Attorney General was not following his own conflict-of-interest policy as part of an investigation into his office.

how we win

It's no secret. Our Attorney General has more money. The vast majority of our donors were not insulated from the effects of COVID-19. 

We knew that going into the race. And that's why we've focused our time and resources building the state's biggest volunteer network.

I've personally attended 409 events, driven over 41,000 miles, and received support from almost every county in the state.

We've flipped the script and asked local candidates to lead our outreach instead of us dictating terms to them.

We have an incredible digital presence that helps make us the most efficient campaign.

Our campaign is led by people who live here, our policy plans all have community input, and we are building the organizational structure that has been missing for too long in Missouri.

In short, we do this with you.

We need your help. If you can, please donate. Every dollar you donate goes a long way with us. Volunteer with us. Endorse me for Attorney General and help get the word out.

This is our opportunity to take back Missouri for We the People. I'd be honored to have your support.

Feel free to contact me any time. You can email me at or text/call me at

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Donations by check can be made out to:
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