You can help us win on August 4 by getting the word out about why you support Elad to everyone you know. On this page, you'll find sample social media posts and text messages, graphics, and other tools for you to use.

If everyone texts, emails, or calls their people, we will win this race.


We'll add more to the site, so make sure to sign up for updates on how you can help us get this done!

It's time for We the People to take back Missouri from those who have bought it.

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Deadline to Register to Vote: July 8

Deadline to Request Absentee or Mail-In Ballot: July 22





We are speaking with as many Missourians as we can before August 4 and getting out the vote! These volunteer activities include text banks, phone banks, and social media parties that we do with Elad over Zoom. We make these events very engaging and fun.

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You can get active on social media on your own too! Here are some ways to help on your own time.

Invite friends to follow our social media pages. Here they are:

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Download the Facebook Frame for your profile photo: Yes on 2! Yes on Elad!

Sample Tweet/Facebook Post

I'm voting Elad Gross for Attorney General on August 4! Elad will end the corruption in Missouri, lead on fixing our justice system, and fight for affordable health care.


Learn more about Elad at

#YesOn2 #YesOnElad #TakeBackMissouri

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Make and Share a Selfie Video!

Tell the world why you're supporting Elad! Record a video like Daniel did and upload it to social media.



  • Having your phone vertical is best for social media. Horizontal is best for just about everything else.

  • Twitter limits you to 140 seconds, and Instagram limits you to 1 minute. You don't have to make these long!

  • Keep your microphone clear and your camera steady!

You can also endorse Elad here.



You can text, call, and email your friends! When you do, try to get your friends to do the same. That way, we'll get the word out very quickly to a lot of people.

Sample Script

My friend Elad Gross is running for Attorney General. The primary is on August 4. Elad takes on corruption in government, is fighting to fix our justice system, and believes everyone should be able to access affordable health care. I'm really excited about his campaign!

Can you take a Democratic ballot and vote for him on August 4?


You can see what Elad's about at


We're happy to work with you on sending postcards. Until the primary, we will need your group to help fundraise to cover the effort.


Email Jessica at


We have moved to online, phone-call, and socially-distanced gatherings to keep everyone safe. If you'd like to organize an online event with friends, we have the setup to do it! This can be a great way to introduce Elad to people you know and get support for the campaign.


Email Jessica at


Writing letters to the editor and opinion editorials are a great way to get the word out about the issues we need to take on in Missouri. We have lots of resources to help you.


Email Daniel at


Share our graphics! You can download the ones you like and share them, or use the arrow share button to send them to your favorite social media pages. Click the photo to see the options.



We have a lot of videos for you to share.


Our short intro video is here:

We have plenty of other ones on our YouTube page too. Feel free to share your favorite!

We've also been doing a lot of town halls online. At, you can find those recordings as well as a link to our podcast, the #EladPod, which is available wherever you get your podcasts.


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Donations by check can be made out to:
Elad Gross For Missouri
P.O. Box 21666, St. Louis, MO 63109

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