Frequently Asked questions

Elad has participated in over 300 meetings in Missouri, met with thousands of voters, and spoken with even more on the phone. Here are the most frequently asked questions:


How old are you?

I am 32 years old. Can you believe it!? I am older than Jack Danforth was when he ran and became Attorney General of Missouri.


How do I say your name?

It’s pronounced El-ahd. The kids I teach and even some legal clients call me Mr. E. I'm in the Bible!

What experience do you have to be the
Attorney General?


A lot! I have the most experience in the Attorney General's Office in this race. Even on election day, I will have more experience than the current appointed Attorney General.

  • Served as an Assistant Attorney General

  • Responsible for a case load of over 1,000 cases in the Labor Division (workers' compensation cases)

  • Responsible for the busiest case load - over 50 cases - in the Litigation Division (federal and state jury trials and appeals)

  • Completed several efficiency projects to save taxpayer money for the Attorney General's Office still in use today

  • Trained new attorneys in civil and trial practice

  • Co-managed the St. Louis Internship Program

  • Selected for pilot courtroom technology program

  • Worked with the Missouri Department of Corrections, Office of the Governor, Missouri State Highway Patrol, St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, Circuit Courts, Missouri State Public Defender's Office, and several other state offices

  • Represented the Attorney General's Office to a national group coordinating the work of Attorneys General across the country

In addition to serving in the Attorney General's Office, I have additional legal and community service experience.

  • Served as a Special Public Defender of Missouri

  • Secured the release of an innocent teenager who was held at the St. Louis Workhouse for 7 months, including 15 days after her charges were dismissed

  • Lead civil rights and constitutional attorney filing litigation against St. Louis City to end unconstitutional criminal justice practices

  • Trained school districts, law enforcement officers, parents, and others about Missouri's criminal code, civil rights, and the rights of children in school

  • Trained youth advocates

  • Drafted and helped push for legislation to protect Missouri's kids, protect Missouri's Sunshine Law, and end the use of dark money in our politics

  • One of the nation's lead investigators into government corruption

  • Undertook lawsuits against the state government and a dark money fake charity to uphold state transparency laws

  • Uncovered the Attorney General's corruption involving a scheme for a St. Louis City developer to steal up to $43 million taxpayer dollars in development credits

And most importantly, for the last 13 years, I have worked with kids in our state. I founded an education nonprofit organization called the Education Exchange Corps that teaches children the power they have to lead. I believe every policy we enact should put kids at the center. I serve on many nonprofit boards and task forces that work with kids and families in our state, including the Citizenship Education Clearing House (CECH), Clay Elementary's Advisory Board, the Keep Kids in Class Task Force, Caring Ministries, Inc., and 1st Financial Federal Credit Union's Community Development board.


Why should I vote for you?

Because you're ready for a government that represents us. Because you know our government shouldn't just serve those with money and power. Because you want an Attorney General who will show up and bring the people's voice to Jefferson City. Because we should have an Attorney General who holds our government accountable, regardless of party.

Because we need to eliminate the corruption in our Attorney General's Office to eliminate it in the rest of our government.

I know a lot of candidates talk a big game when they're running, get elected, and then do none of what they promised. I'm frustrated too. Here's what we're doing differently and how you can hold me accountable:

  • I'm not taking big money in this election. Candidates have found ways to get around campaign contribution limits using PACs and dark money fake charities. We aren't. No one person or special interest should have outsized influence on our Attorney General.

  • I have spent my career fighting for Missourians, even with the odds stacked against me. We need an Attorney General who's there for us, not for big donors.

  • We are the most transparent campaign in America. We report all of our donors and all of our expenses, and we make regular reports to you on #TransparencyTuesday.

  • I meet people. A lot. I have traveled over 35,000 miles and participated in over 330 meetings so far.

  • I give my cell phone number out to everyone so you can hold me accountable yourself. It's 314-753-9033.

  • We have advisory boards for you to be involved in the campaign and shape our policy proposals, and our volunteers have a lot of say in what our campaign does. This is truly a campaign for We the People.

You can see all of this reflected on our website. Go ahead and check it out, and send me a text or give me a call if you have any questions.


What does the Attorney General do?

Missouri's Attorney General is supposed to be the People's advocate. They represent us in court, go after fraud, work with state agencies, represent the state on issues involving conservation, and help local prosecutors as needed. The Attorney General's Office is very involved in administering justice in our state.

I believe we are missing a huge opportunity to ensure our system is working for everyone, not just for those with money.

Here's a good graphics from our Monday Minute series:


What party are you in?

I'm running as a Democrat. I believe the Attorney General's Office should be nonpartisan. Law enforcement should not be influenced by party. Unfortunately, it sure is with our current administration.

The powerful want to keep us divided. I'm not here for that. We have Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, folks who have never been involved before working on this campaign.


We need to end the corruption and bring accountability back to Jefferson City. Don't let them make that a partisan issue. We need to put country over party.

Over my entire career, I have held folks of both parties accountable, and I'll do the same as Attorney General.


How do I learn more about you?

Check out this website, including:

A short biography including my dog, Mr. Toby

The solutions we have released

How I started investigating dark money

I also post on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

And if you still have a question, email me at or call/text me at 314-753-9033.


How can I help?

I thought you would never ask! 

You can:

  1. Donate

  2. Join our interactive #EladSquad volunteer game

  3. Join an advisory board

  4. Host a meeting

  5. Endorse me for Attorney General

Or email us at to get involved.


How many pets do you have?

Depends on the day.

Somewhere in the neighborhood of 2-4 cats and 2-4 dogs. Here's Mr. Toby and GreyOne.

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