Welcome to the #EladSquad Volunteer System, a first-of-its-kind campaign volunteer game.

Welcome to the #EladSquad Goals Program. You are about to join a powerful team ready to take on big-money corruption in our politics.

As an #EladSquad member, not only will you be helping elect Elad Gross as Missouri's next Attorney General, you'll also be able to receive prizes along the way.

first, choose your character

Choose one of the three options below that speaks most to you.

Assistant Attorney General

The Assistant Attorney General (AAG) shares our positions on the issues with as many people as possible wherever they are.


Special Power: Persuasion


The Investigator is always on the lookout, finding opportunities to make our state better while being a bit more behind the scenes.


Special Power: Research


The Citizen is the engine of democracy. From setting up events to knocking on doors, the Citizen turns the dream into reality.


Special Power: Organizing

Select an option

choose your Username


Now we need you to know who you are so we can send you volunteer goals and any prizes you win. You will also choose a username that will go online as part of our volunteer leaderboard.

Join the Team

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Donations by check can be made out to:
Elad Gross For Missouri
P.O. Box 21666, St. Louis, MO 63109

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Alicia Smith, Treasurer

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