Advisory Boards

Missourians deserve a government that is truly responsive to us. 

Below, you'll see 12 Advisory Boards you can join to provide your ideas and input to our campaign.


As an advisor, you have the opportunity to take ownership of our campaign for Attorney General, propose ideas, submit interesting research and articles, provide feedback to the campaign, and join in conversation with other Missourians about the future of our state. You choose how active you are, from simply reading the emails as they come in, to fully advising the campaign every step of the way. It's up to you!

So we get as many folks involved as possible, the Advisory Boards will be active both through email and through our in-person meetings we are holding throughout the state.

We want to hear your voice. Please sign up and explore the Advisory Boards below.


Choose one or more Advisory Boards

Government Corruption

Law Enforcement



Civil Rights

Healthcare & Opioids

Justice System & Violence

Jobs & Wages

Conservation & Environment

Consumer Protection

Veterans & Active Duty

Civic Engagement


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